Put your Cybersecurity Skills to the test with CompTIA’s Cybersecurity Competition.

Win prizes, including CompTIA exam vouchers & learning
24/7 “gym” access for practice challenges and guides through May 28
Get a full assessment of your security skills  to share with potential employers and internships

Invite friends and compete as a team or stretch your skill in the individual game


CompTIA has partnered with the National Cyber League powered by Cyber Skyline, to give CompTIA student members the opportunity to compete in virtual cyber competitions.

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5 Steps to Get the Most Out of Your Competition


(1) Join the Gym
Get a one-up on the competition with practice challenges and guides to help you sharpen your security skills so you're competition-ready.

(2) Focus on Preseason*
Find out where you rank pre-competition and get into the appropriate bracket for your skill level.
(3) Put Your Skills to the Test
Compete with all the players, even the other student players from your school.

(4) Power up with Teamwork
The Team Game is where you compete with other members of your team against all other teams, even other teams from your school.

(5) Get Your Scouting Report
Following the end of each competition, ranked players who participated in the Preseason and Individual Game will receive a Certificate of Participation and a Scouting Report, which contains a breakdown of their skillsets and is a great resource to provide employers when applying for jobs or internships.

*Participation in the preseason and individual game is required to be a ranked player, making you eligible to win prizes, obtain a Scouting Report, and represent your school in the Cyber Power Rankings.  

**Participation in the team game is used to calculate your school’s Cyber Power Ranking.

How to Compete Your Way to a 
Job or Internship


When you compete, you’ll get a scouting report that summarizes your security skills, letting you know areas you need to work on and proving to employers that you have the security skills needed on the job.


Why You Should Participate and
How to Get Started
By participating in cybersecurity competitions, like the National
Cyber League (NCL) Games, students can prepare and validate their
skills with practical challenges they will likely face in real-world
cybersecurity roles. Players can also receive individualized, comprehensive feedback from the games that highlight their personal strengths within industry-relevant challenges. This feedback is a great resource for those entering the industry and is part of what helps competition participants stand out when seeking IT and cybersecurity jobs.

Skills You Can Master

Gain hands-on, realistic, industr
y skill-based challenges across multiple learning domains, designed to test and build their cyber skills, such as:
What if I want to compete but don’t want to be a Paid Student Member?
Basic Students can still register at full price by visiting the NCL Registration page.


Frequently Asked Questions






What else do I get with a Paid Student Membership?
In addition to competition discounts, you can apply for Aspiring Tech Pro Scholarship.
I live outside of the US, can I still be apart of the competition?
Unfortunately, this competition is only for students who live within the continental US.  But you can still take advantage of 10% off all our training products by subscribing to our IT Careers Newsletter and you can also sign up for a free trial of CompTIA CertMaster Practice for Security.
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*Must be a resident of the US and its territories to compete.

*The registration discount only applies to students who have not participated in the NCL competition events in the past. If you have competed  in the past, please register on the NCL Registration page.

Spring Season 2021
Registration Feb 1 – March 12

Open Source Intelligence
Password Cracking
Log Analysis
Scanning & Recon
Network Traffic Analysis
Web Application Security
Enumeration & Exploitation

Skills You Can Apply to Your Next Certification

The following table shows a high-level relationship between CompTIA cybersecurity certifications and each NCL skills category. Security+ covers all nine NCL skills categories. 
Gym Opens   February 15
Preseason   March 15 - 22
Individual Game   March 26 - 27
Team Game   April 9 - 11 (7 max per team)
Gym Closes   May 28

Important Dates


Join Now and Register for the Competition


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Register for the Competition


What is NCL?
The National Cyber League, powered by its partner Cyber Skyline, is a biannual cybersecurity competition for high school and college students.



Where can I learn more about this competition?
Check out this webinar.


* The registration discount only applies to students who have not participated in the NCL competition events in the past. If you have competed in the past, please register on the NCL registration page.  


For FAQs and more information about NCL, visit nationalcyberleague.org.